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www.electroline.com.cy is an electronic commercial store that sells products and services Online (hereinafter called “online store” or “website”) that was created and is operated by the Company under the brand name “Alpan Electroline Ltd”, registered at 8 Aeolus Street, 2540, Dali Industrial Area, contact email [email protected] , online store phone number 77777767.  The terms and conditions below shall apply for the use of the online store with the trade mark ELECTROLINE which is found at the website www.electroline.com.cy . All users visiting and transacting or making use of the services of the online store (hereinafter called for short “visitors” and/or “users” or “customers” depending on whether they are limited to just visiting the store or making an order and buying products and services) are deemed to consent and accept unconditionally the terms expressed herein below without any exceptions.  If a user does not agree with these terms then he at his own responsibility must refrain from visiting and using the website as well as from any transaction or use of the services of the online store.

The COMPANY reserves the right to amend or review freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions of the online store, whenever it deems it necessary and it undertakes the obligation to inform consumers about any change via the pages of this online store.

The competent legal person in the light of the legislation for the protection of personal data is ALPAN GROUP, registered at 8 Aeolus Street, 2540 Dali Industrial Area, with the Company Registration Number HE90632. For any questions or requests please contact us at the following email address [email protected]

The COMPANY is bound as to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information displayed on the online store with regard to the COMPANY identity and the transactions provided via the online store. The Company within the context of good faith is not responsible and is not bound by electronic data entries that were done accidentally or inadvertently as per common experience and is entitled to correct these whenever it realises their existence.

THE COMPANY in the framework of its transactions of the online store is neither responsible nor liable to compensate for any damage or loss resulting from the cancellation of orders, their non-execution or the delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed on the online store, but it updates the customer concerned on the basis of the available information about the availability or unavailability of the products and undertakes, in the event of a change in the data, to inform customers in good time about the unavailability, in which case it bears no further responsibility. The content of the online store (e.g. information, names, photographs, displays), the products and services made available via our website are provided “exactly as they are”. Under no circumstances shall the Company bear any civil or criminal liability for any damages, (incidental, special, or consequential, which indicatively but not restrictively, alternatively and/or cumulatively, constitute loss of profits, data, revenues, compensation etc.) that a visitor of the online store or a third party may suffer due to causes related to the operation or non-operation and/or use of the website and/or inability to provide services and/or products and/or information provided by him and/or any non-allowed interventions of third parties on products and/or services and/or information made available through him.

All the content of the online store including distinctive marks, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts etc., constitute intellectual property of the Company or intellectual property of third parties for which the COMPANY has received permission to use for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of the online store. Any copy, transfer or work produced based on their content or misleading the public in relation to the true provider of the online store is prohibited. The reproduction, republication, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes is allowed only after the previous written consent of the COMPANY or any other holder of the copyright. Names, pictures, logos and distinctive marks presented and describing the online store with the trade mark ELECTROLINE or the products or services of the COMPANY or third parties are property of the COMPANY or third parties respectively and are protected by the relevant law on trade marks. Their use by the online store does in no way give permission or right for their use by third parties.

The user/customer agrees and undertakes to use the services, information and data of the online store in compliance with the law and in accordance with good faith and transaction ethics rules. Users are obliged not to use the online store with the ELECTROLINE trade mark for: – Sending, publishing, emailing or transmitting in any other manner any content that is illegal for any reason, causes illegal infringement and damage to the COMPANY or any third party or violates confidentiality or the private information of any person – Sending, publishing, e-mailing or transmitting in any other manner any content that insults public morality, social values, minority etc. – Sending, publishing emailing or transmitting in any other manner any content that the users have no right to transmit in accordance with the law or the contracts in force (such as internal information, property and confidential information acquired or revealed as part of labour relations or that are covered by confidentiality agreements). – Sending, publishing, emailing or transmitting in any other manner any content that violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other third party property rights of all kinds. – Sending, publishing, emailing or transmitting in any other manner any material that contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been designed to interrupt, cause damage or destroy the operational equipment of any software or hardware. – Violating intentionally or unintentionally the legislation or the provisions in force. – Harassing any third party in any manner – Collecting or storing personal data about other users.


The links included on the online store lead to pages of the store or in some cases lead the user to go from this (online store) to websites of third party providers, businesses etc. These websites are not under the control of the COMPANY and the COMPANY bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content of any such website or any link included in an associated website or any changes or updates to such websites. The COMPANY shall not be liable for internet broadcastings or for any form of transmission taken from any linked website. The COMPANY provides these links on its online store only to facilitate the use of the online store, their use is not compulsory for any visitor/customer and the fact that they are included on the online store does not imply that the COMPANY approves of or accepts their content.

The online store of the COMPANY reserves the right to change the prices without any prior notice to the customers.

You are hereby informed that in case any dispute arises from any transaction between us for the settlement of which you have sent us a relevant request in writing but no joint agreement has been reached between us, then you have the possibility to take recourse to the Online Dispute Resolution platform on the internet at the following address http://ec.europa.eu/odr. You may file an application for dispute resolution and then our company shall be contacted by the competent authority at the electronic address [email protected]. In addition we bring to your knowledge that our Company recognises, within the context of good faith, the advisory character of the decisions of the Authority that will undertake the matter and is not bound for the enforceability of these decisions.

Online store users who wish to place an order should previously be registered on the online store as described below (submit a username and password) so that they can be recognised and identified by the store for reasons of transactions security in the future.
To place an order, users may submit the special online store form (shopping basket) where they can include all products and services they wish to buy. The order is not binding for the company before it is accepted as set out below. Prior to placing an order the customer is notified about the terms of sale and the customer in order to transmit his order previously states by clicking the button “I have read and I accept all the Terms of use unconditionally” that he has expressly received knowledge and accepts the data below that are made known to him through the order and the special link, i.e.:
The features of the goods and services he ordered as these are described in the pages of the store he visited and arise from the use of the relevant links in his electronic order that he must use to check all relevant features prior to sending the order so that he shall have no doubt whatsoever about the features and qualities of the products and services ordered.
The customer’s failure to be adequately informed shall in no way burden the Company but shall constitute his exclusive responsibility.
The total price of goods or services included in the order, including VAT and all other fees, as set out in the order and all additional charges for dispatch, delivery, installation (that are also included in the order) and all other costs. When these charges may not be reasonably calculated in advance, the fact that such additional charges may be required is also made known in the order and the customer is obliged to be informed prior to transmitting the order.
The products’ prices that are written on the electronic page of each product are always the final prices (including the corresponding VAT) and apply for sale by the online store and delivery of products by dispatching them to the customer. The prices on the page presenting each product on the online store do not include dispatch costs that are calculated in the order page in accordance with the relevant charges regulations of the relevant chapter of these terms below. In case that dispatch costs cannot be reasonably calculated in advance due to the particularity of the place of delivery, the reservation for additional dispatch costs is stated in the order form and these are calculated and made known to the customer and he is asked to accept them before the final acceptance of the order on behalf of the COMPANY by telephone communication and/or any other manner deemed fit by the Company.

You are informed about the availability of our products by the corresponding verbal/graphic indications posted on the page of each type of product on the online store. More specifically, the products are distinguished as available (with the indication “available”) and not available (with the indication “Not available”).
The COMPANY reserves its right to inform the customers in case a product becomes unavailable (after the placing of an order by the customer) about the possible time of delivery. In this case, within the context of good faith, if it is deemed that the delay renders the transaction uneconomic for the customer, the customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order with a written statement ( via email) and the order will be cancelled at no cost for the customer.
In addition, the various Products’ offers appearing on the online store (with the indications “New product”, “Special Offer”, “Last Items” or similar expressions) always apply until stocks are exhausted. Prices and products that bear the brochure marking or the Offer marking or are a limited time offer apply until stocks are exhausted and each customer can buy only one piece. Strict priority is kept for these items when executing orders. The Company is not liable at any time for any exhaustion of the above products.

Every order made by a user/customer is always followed within a short time-period by an automated email on behalf of the COMPANY confirming that the order has been received and repeating the order content. This email on behalf of the Company is only a confirmation that the order has been received with the content stated and in no case shall it constitute an acceptance of the order or a conclusion of the terms of sale. No amendment in the order or new agreement regarding the order shall be accepted unless it is made in writing and both sides accept it.
Confirmation that the order was received may also be given by phone as long as the customer consents and in case some item/s is/are not immediately available then an agreement is required as to the time of delivery as well.

After receiving an order and confirming its receipt, if the COMPANY confirms the availability of the item and the correctness of the order and the lack of any mistakes on the online store regarding the pricing of the items their features etc. it shall send a new email confirming that it accepts the order, its content, the sales contract and the anticipated time of delivery of the item as this was made known already prior to placing the order and only then the sale is considered to have been contracted and generates claims for both sides. If the issue of acceptance on behalf of the customer for additional dispatch costs is pending this is always agreed upon with the customer prior to the final approval of the order on behalf of the COMPANY via telephone and/or any other manner the Company deems necessary. In case the delivery area is not covered by the delivery network of the COMPANY, the customer is informed in advance about the delivery charges and undertakes all related obligations against the forwarding agent.
The COMPANY is released upon the delivery of the item to the forwarding agent selected/indicated by the customer. The COMPANY is in no case obliged, on the basis of the principle of good faith and the transactions practices, to accept an order and conclude a products or services sale that appear on the online store, due to a typographical or computer mistake and/or any mistake with the wrong price, i.e. a different price than the price that applies in accordance to its pricing policy for the said time period. In case that in an order such a mistake in the price is found only in part of the items ordered then the order shall apply normally for the rest of the items.
The dispatch of the order to be approved by the COMPANY constitutes a statement of acceptance and agreement regarding all the charges included in the order. If there is no agreement by the Company the customer is entitled to the reimbursement of that payment. Also in case of dispatch of products or services that were not ordered, their non-refusal or failure to be returned and the customer’s indifference shall in no case be interpreted as acceptance or willingness to buy them. In case the customer is asked to return them on behalf of the COMPANY and he does not deliver the returnable items within two (2) working days at the latest then this refusal on his part constitutes a statement of willingness to buy the items and the items are deemed sold to the customer and he must pay their value in cash.
The customer may also track the order either by phone at 7777776 or by email at [email protected]).

An order cancellation by a customer because he changed his mind is accepted only if the item has not been invoiced and given for dispatch on behalf of the COMPANY. Cancellation can be done by sending an email to the COMPANY on behalf of the customer. The customer must give accurate data of his order. Cancellation is not considered confirmed unless a relevant confirmation is sent on behalf of the COMPANY via email to the customer.
In case the customer, prior to cancelling an order has paid the value of his approved order and the COMPANY has already received it, then the COMPANY must within fourteen (14) calendar days return to the customer the value received in the manner that he made the payment (by reversing the amount in a bank account, paying cash etc.). In case a payment order has been given on behalf of the customer but the money have not been received by the COMPANY (as in the case of an order to charge a credit card but the Bank has not yet paid the price to the COMPANY) then the COMPANY is obliged with fourteen (14) working days to accelerate all actions and statements required towards all competent bodies (Bank etc.) in order to notify about the cancellation of the order and the obligation to reimburse all amounts charged to the customer. In this case the COMPANY shall be deemed to have legally fulfilled all its obligations and the cancellation of all charges shall be done in accordance with the terms of the contract between the customer and this third party (Bank etc.) and the COMPANY shall bear no responsibility in relation to the time of reimbursement or reversal of all relevant charges.

The customer may pay the price of the sale and the rest of the agreed charges and fees by charging a credit (Visa, MasterCard and Diners) or debit or prepaid card issued by any recognised Cypriot or foreign Bank that is accepted for transactions by the COMPANY.

Only orders concerning the delivery of products within the territory of the Free Areas of the Republic of Cyprus are accepted. Orders of products appearing on the online store and indicated as “available” are executed and products are delivered within four to 5 (4-5) working days in all the free areas of Cyprus as of the acceptance of each order by the COMPANY within the working hours (9:00 am – 17:00 pm) except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Exceptionally, in cases of dispatch of products in remote or difficult to access areas the delivery may take place after the lapse of this deadline, but the COMPANY is obliged to inform upon the acceptance of the order, the customer in writing about the delay in the delivery due to this reason.
Force majeure: the COMPANY shall not be liable for delays in the execution of an order (including delivery) that are due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to the liability of the COMPANY or are due to force majeure and therefore the COMPANY is entitled to extend the time period for the execution of the order. Some examples are strikes, terrorist acts, war, supplier/ transportation/ production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters.

Deliveries in areas within the Delivery Network of the COMPANY – obligations:
The deliverable, in accordance with the order, products and services are sent to the address and the addressee that the customer has stated upon placing the order that was accepted by the COMPANY. The COMPANY chooses freely the means of dispatch and does not communicate these to the customer. The dispatch of the sold items is without any charge for the customer irrespectively of the size of the deliverables as long as the total price of the order exceeds the amount of €20. For all orders under €20 the customer is charged with transportation costs amounting to €3 including VAT irrespectively of their size.

Specifically for the delivery of closet-type refrigerators and side by side refrigerators, refrigerators over 1.85 cm, washing machines with a capacity of 8-kilos or over, as well as closet-type air condition units but also for all appliances that weigh more than 80 kilos, irrespectively of the place of delivery, the delivery takes place at the ground floor of the address stated on the order or on a floor if transportation can be achieved with the use of an elevator.
If the customer wishes for the item to be delivered on a floor where there is no access and a crane is needed then he must choose the transportation service upon ordering the item and suffer the relevant cost. The delivery of items may be carried out either by the company itself or, by the supplier of the item after making arrangements with the company for the direct delivery by him to the address indicated by the customer.
Company’s right to reject an order of products
The COMPANY is entitled to reject and not accept orders in which, cumulatively:
– The customer states as a delivery area an area outside the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus
– The client requests to pay off the value of the purchase with the exchange of goods and
– The order concerns a large product/s such as indicatively over 100 kg.
On the contrary, it is obliged to accept such an order if the customer accepts an alternative method of payment that the parties shall agree upon between them in writing.

The Company reserves the right to amend the methods, terms and prices of dispatch at will and without prior notice and is obliged to inform its potential customers about these changes by revising the present terms of use of the online store.

The delivery time of the products and services sold is set out in the order depending on availability and is confirmed in the acceptance of the order on behalf of the COMPANY. Unless the contracting parties have otherwise agreed as to the time of delivery, the merchant delivers the goods by transferring the natural possession or control of the goods to the consumer without any unjustified delay but definitely within thirty (30) days as of the conclusion of the contract. In case such time is not agreed upon and confirmed for any reason in the manner stated above, the delivery shall take place at the latest within thirty (30) days as of the acceptance of the order and the drawing up of the sales contract. In case of an extraordinary and unpredictable obstacle that the Company may face as regards the delivery of a product/products, the latter is entitled to postpone the delivery of the total or part of the products and services sold only once by a written statement (email) to the customer (and a parallel communication by phone) as long as the total waiting time, including the postponement does not exceed thirty (30) days as of the time of the approval of the order and the drawing up of the sales contract.
In case the thirty-days (30) deadline is exceeded due to an impediment or inability of the COMPANY to carry out the delivery to the customer, only then is the customer entitled if he so wishes to determine a new second deadline for delivery in excess of thirty (30) days (such new deadline is not required if the COMPANY refuses to deliver in general or if the delivery served the interest of the customer only if it was made within the legal deadline of the relevant products of thirty (30) days and the customer had informed the COMPANY about this). If the additional deadline set by the customer is not observed either, then the customer may file a complaint about the sales contract regarding the items that are delayed while the rest of the order is executed normally.

Home delivery

Online shopping deliveries are made directly to your door!

Select your delivery address and your order will be with you within 4-5 working days. *Conditions apply.

FREE transport for purchases over €30.

FREE SHIPPING & INSTALLATION on all home appliances***.

*Surcharges apply for remote areas. Find more information HERE

**Excludes air conditioners, island hoods, gas water heaters and water coolers that need to be connected to the direct water supply.

***Deliveries of household appliances are made to ground floor up to 1st floor residences and to those with access to elevators. Delivery to the 1st floor in buildings without a fire extinguisher is only possible as long as the safety of our staff and the integrity of the products are not compromised. The delivery of products to the 1st floor without the use of an elevator includes the following products: – Refrigerators whose dimensions do not exceed 185×60 cm. – Free-standing or built-in household appliances up to 85 cm high and 60 cm wide and weighing up to 80 kg. Devices exceeding the above dimensions/kg can be delivered to all floors, provided there is a lift, which supports the dimensions and weight of the products. In all other cases, a lifting machine must be called, the cost of which is borne by the customer (€59.50 per hour). SEE ALL INSTALLATION CHARGES HERE

Delivery of Air Conditioners & Home Appliances: The delivery time of air conditioners & home appliances does not interfere with next day delivery. The delivery time for household appliances varies between 4-5 working days, while for air conditioners between 10-15 working days. *Delivery times may vary during holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and August, as well as Black Friday.

Air Conditioner Installation Fee: The air conditioner installation fee is €115 for 9000BTU & 12000BTU and €130 for 18000BTU, 22000BTU & 24000BTU. *Please note that air conditioners cannot be delivered without an installation charge unless you present an approved refrigerant licence.

Installation of Air Conditioners
Installation of 1 (one) air conditioner 9K to 14K BTU – €115.00
Installation of 1 (one) air conditioner 16K to 24K BTU – €130.00

Charges for Additional Work on Air Conditioning Installations
Price list of optional additional services during installation

Service Description Installer to customer billing
Cleaning of cooling pipes with nitrogen, per installation, in cases:

– Where there are open pipes.

– After removing an old air conditioner

– If there was another type of gas in the circuit

– Moisture in the circuit

Air Conditioner Removal (9000-24000BTU)

Use of additional copper pipes (per meter):

-For air conditioners 9K to 14K BTU

-For 16K to 24K BTU air conditioners



Addition of refrigerant gas in cases where the distance between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is greater than that recommended by the manufacturer (per kg)

Initial charge €15.00

+ €50.00/kg

Use of additional water extraction pipe (per meter):

Use of additional power supply cable cover channel (per meter):

Use of copper pipe cover channel (per meter):

Safety switch installation:

– In existing box

– In another place with outer box



Installation of external Isolator based on EAC rules

– If you need an Armored cable (per meter)

– If the presence of a technician is needed during the control by EAC




Installation of plastic floor base for outdoor unit

Installation of metal wall mount for outdoor unit:

– For 9K to 14K BTU air conditioners

– For 16K to 24K BTU air conditioners



Hoist usage (per hour)

* There may be additional charges, which are for more difficult installations and cannot be calculated in advance.

* Our company does not undertake drilling in concrete or stone walls and pillars or beams.

* All above prices include VAT.

The term installation includes the following services:

Unpacking device.
Installation and connection of the air conditioner at a point indicated by the customer or indicated based on the provision of the space (according to the necessary conditions)
Demonstration of use and explanation of basic functions and components.
Installation requirements:

The maximum distance between indoor and outdoor units is 3 meters, which includes the cable connecting the air conditioner to the power supply and the water extraction pipes from the indoor unit.
All cables are covered with trunking, also the copper pipes are separately sheathed with Armaflex and wrapped together with white adhesive tape.
In all air conditioners, the power supply must necessarily be connected to a Heater Switch, unless the customer wishes with a 13Amp plug only for air conditioners from 9K – 12K BTU.
The water extraction pipe from the indoor unit extends to the ground together with the water extraction in Heating Mode with the exception of tall buildings, where you will agree with the customer on site its termination.
When holes are made in the wall for the pipes to pass through, they are filled with suitable material.
It is essential to “vacuum” the pipes before applying the air conditioners.