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About us
Alpan Electroline Ltd (THE COMPANY) was incorporated in 1999 and is a member of the Alpan Group. It is one of the biggest and most renowned store networks for electrical appliances and tech products with 9 stores across Cyprus that meet the needs of the four major cities of the island. Electroline stores are a point of reference and the perfect destination where customers can find a plethora of diverse electrical and tech products and services.
Company ID
Name: Alpan Electroline Ltd
Comp. Reg. No: ΗΕ90632
VAT Reg. No: 10090632Α
Phone: 77 77 77 67
Fax: +357 22 325 005
8 Aeolus Str., Dali Industrial Zone
2540, 2540 Dali, Nicosia,
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Call centre 77777767