In order to fully comply with the EU Legislation on Product Warrantees, ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD (the Company) offers a limited 2-year warranty to the buyer of the product (the Customer).  This limited warranty is in force as of the date of purchase.  In case the product is replaced, the term of warranty shall continue to be in force for the rest of the two-year period.
1.     During the term of warranty, ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD, at its discretion, shall repair or replace free of charge the faulty product. ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD shall return the repaired product or another product to the buyer in operational condition.  In case of product repair, the faulty part/s shall be replaced.  It is noted that the terms accessories or parts include all parts of the product without any exceptions.  
2.    In order for the limited warranty to be in force the buyer is obliged to present the original receipt of the product and deliver the product at one of the ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD stores.  It is noted that all products must be in their initial condition and include all accessories and packaging.
3.    The said limited warranty is not valid in cases of normal wear and tear as well as in the following cases:
•    The defect was caused because the product was used in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, the product was exposed to extreme thermal or environmental conditions, humidity, erosion, oxidation, non-authorised alterations or connections, non-authorised opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorised parts, misuse, inappropriate installation, accident, natural phenomena, food or liquid or other actions beyond the reasonable control of ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD.
•    The customer did not notify the company about the defect within thirty (30) days as of its occurrence during the term of warranty.
•    The product was not returned to ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD within thirty (30) days as of its occurrence within the term of warranty.
•    The product serial number or the IMEI number have been removed, erased, altered or are impossible to read.
•    The defect was caused because the product was used or connected to an accessory that is incompatible with the technical features of the device/appliance
•    The product software needs to be upgraded due to changes in the network parameters or changes in its software by a non-authorised person.
•    The defect is due to a file or programme placed on the internal or external memory of the device.
4.     The said limited warranty is the sole and exclusive means of customer satisfaction against ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD and the sole and exclusive obligation of ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD towards the customer for defects or malfunctions of the product.  The said limited warranty replaces all other warranties and obligations, either oral or written (non-compulsory), by law, contractual, wrongful or others. ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD shall in no case be responsible for any accidental, incidental or indirect damage, expenses or costs.
5.    The Company shall bear no responsibility for any total or partial loss of personal data during the repairing of the device.  The exclusive responsibility for the safekeeping of personal data in any electronic device lies only with the legal user of the product.  In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for any partial or total loss of data that may be due to a defect of the electronic device, whether this was caused by a manufacturing mistake (included in the warranty) or by a user mistake (excluded from the warranty).
6.    In case a customer does not claim within six (6) months the object he/she brought for repair, the Company shall bear no responsibility for their storage.
7.    ALPAN ELECTROLINE LTD products will be covered by warranty either by the Company or by its official representative in Cyprus or by its official representative in the European Union territory.
8.    All expendables or accessories of a product e.g. (chargers, batteries, headsets, power supply equipment, ink cartridges etc.) are covered by the good performance warranty in accordance with the requirements stated under paragraph 3 for a term no longer than three (3) months.