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TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.The Electroline loyalty card is issued by Alpan Electroline Ltd, which retains management responsibility and rights. 2.The Electroline loyalty  card is available to people over 16 years old. 3.Claiming benefits provided by Electroline loyalty card applies only to members of the program, after completing their personal information on the registration form. 4.Loyalty card holders will be entitled to special discounts and offers that will be announced on a regular basis. 5.Announcements of discounts and offers will be made via email and/or sms, provided you have provided your consent for such a communication, and/or leaflets, and/or advertisements, and/or the website, and/or in-store. 6.The presence of the card is required or statement of card number, phone number or photo ID when taking advantage of the benefits. 7.Discounts and offers are valid only at Electroline stores and e-shop. 8.Alpan Electroline Ltd reserves the right to cancel or modify the conditions or regulations (in part or entirely) at any time without notice. 9.Any changes will be made known to the public at Electroline stores or on the company’s website.

Installation of air-condition units

Air conditioning system installation charges

Installation of 1 (one) 9000 to 14000 BTU air conditioner €115.00
Installation of 1 (one) 16000 to 24000 BTU air conditioner €130.00

Price list of optional additional services during installation

Service Description Charge from installer to customer

* There are possibilities of additional charges, which relate to more complicated premises and can not be calculated in advance.
* Our company does not undertake drilling in concrete or stone walls and columns or beams.
* VAT is included in all the above charges.

The term installation includes the following services:
– Unpacking the equipment
– Installation and plugging the air conditioner in an indicated location by the customer or an appropriate location based on the provisions of the space (according to the necessary requirements)
– User’s Manual demonstration and explanation of basic functions and components.
For home devices:
– Unpacking the equipment
– Installation and plugging the device at the indicated location (provided that all the necessary conditions are met).
– User’s Manual demonstration and explanation of basic functions and components.

Installation Prerequisites:

– Maximum distance between indoor unit and outdoor unit is 3 meters, which includes the connection cable of the air conditioner with the power supply and the water outlet pipes from the indoor unit
– All cables are covered with trunking, while the copper pipes are separately coated with Armaflex and wrapped together with white adhesive tape.
– In all air conditioners the power supply will necessarily be connected to the Heater Switch, unless the customer wishes a 13Amp plug only for 9000 – 12000 BTU air conditioners
– The water outlet pipe from the indoor unit extends to the ground together with the water outlet in Heating Mode with tall buildings being excepted, where the end of the pipe will be agreed with the customer on the spot.
– When holes are drilled in the wall for the pipes passage, they are filled with suitable material
– A pipe “vacuum” is necessarily carried out before installation of the air conditioners