Shipping Methods Home Delivery

Online shopping is done directly at your door! Choose the delivery address and your order will be at your door within 4-5 working days. * Terms apply.

FREE shipping for purchases over €30.

FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION on all home appliances.**

*Excludes air conditioners, island hoods, water gas heater and water purifiers that need a connection to the direct water supply.

**Deliveries of home appliances are carried up to the 1st floor. Please note that product deliery to 1st floor apartments in buildings without an elevator is possible only if our staf’s safety and products’s integrity are not jepardized. Product delivery to 1st floor apartments without the use of elevator includes the following products: -Refrigerators the dimensions of which don to exceed 185x60cm. – Freestanding or built-in appliances of height up to 85cm and of weight up to 80kg. Appliances that exceed the above-mentioned dimensions/weight can be delivered  to any floor, provided that there is an elevator in the building, which supports the dimensions and weight of the products. In any other case, a lfiting machine will be needed, for which the client will be additionally charged (€59.50 per hour). VIEW HERE THE INSTALLATION CHARGES

Air Conditions & Home Appliances Delivery:

The delivery time of air conditioners & household appliances does not fall into the delivery of the next day. Delivery time of home appliances ranges between 4-5 working days, while air conditioners between 5-10 working days.  

*Please note that air conditioners cannot be delivered without an installation charge unless you present an approved refrigerant licence.

**Delivery time may vary during holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and August, as well as the Black Friday period.

Air conditioning system installation charges

Service DescriptionCharge
Installation of 1 (one) 9000 to 14000 BTU air conditioner€115.00
Installation of 1 (one) 16000 to 24000 BTU air conditioner€130.00

Price list of optional additional services during installation

Service DescriptionCharge from installer to customer

Cleaning of refrigerant piping with nitrogen per installation, in cases of:

– Open pipes

– After removal of an old air conditioner

– Existence of another type of gas in the circuit

– Humidity in the circuit


Air conditioner removal (9000-24000BTU)


Use of additional copper per meter (m):

– For 9000 to 14000 BTU air conditioners

– For 16000 up to 24000 BTU  air conditioners



Addition of refrigerant gas in cases where the distance from the outdoor unit to the indoor is greater than the one recommended by the manufacturer per kg

Initial charge


+€50.00 / kg

Use of additional water outlet pipe per meter (m):


Use of additional power cable channel per meter (m):


Use of copper pipe coverage channel per meter (m):


Installation of a safety switch:

– In an existing box

– Outdoor safety box in different position



Installation of an outdoor isolator in compliance with the regulations of EAC

– In case an Armored cable is required per meter (m):

– In case a technician is required during the EAC inspection




Installation of plastic floor base for outdoor unit


Installation of metal support bracket for outdoor unit:

– For 9000 to 14000 BTU air conditioners

– For 16000 up to 24000 BTU  air conditioners



Lifting machine (per hour)


* There are possibilities of additional charges, which relate to more complicated premises and can not be calculated in advance.

* Our company does not undertake drilling in concrete or stone walls and columns or beams.

* VAT is included in all the above charges.

The term installation includes the following services:

– Unpacking the equipment

– Installation and plugging the air conditioner in an indicated location by the customer or  an appropriate location based on the provisions of the space (according to the necessary requirements)

– User’s Manual demonstration and explanation of basic functions and components.

For home devices:

– Unpacking the equipment

– Installation and plugging the device at the indicated location (provided that all the necessary conditions are met).

– User’s Manual demonstration and explanation of basic functions and components.

Installation Prerequisites:

– Maximum distance between indoor unit and outdoor unit is 3 meters, which includes the connection cable of the air conditioner with the power supply and the water outlet pipes from the indoor unit

– All cables are covered with trunking, while the copper pipes are separately coated with Armaflex and wrapped together with white adhesive tape.

– In all air conditioners the power supply will necessarily be connected to the Heater Switch, unless the customer wishes a 13Amp plug only for 9000 – 12000 BTU  air conditioners

– The water outlet pipe from the indoor unit extends to the ground together with the water outlet in Heating Mode with tall buildings being excepted, where the end of the pipe will be agreed with the customer on the spot.

– When holes are drilled in the wall for the pipes passage, they are filled with suitable material

– A pipe “vacuum” is necessarily carried out before installation of the air conditioners