In the event of additional work/items during air condition installations, the additional charges

To the customer will be a follows:
•Chemical cleaning of copper pipes with Nitrogen:
• If the copper pipe circuit has been left open – After removing old air conditions – If another type of refrigerant was used – If there is moisture in the copper pipe circuit.
• €20.00 per unit.
•Removal of air condition (9000-24000BTU) – €20.00 per unit.
•Removal of air condition and Chemical cleaning on pre-installed pipes – €50.00 each.
•The installation includes trunking 16x16mm to the AC connection up to 3 meters.
•The installation includes a 16mm pipe for the water drain up to 3 meters.
•If the distance between the indoor and outdoor units is greater than 3 meters,
•€18.00 per extra meter.
•If PVC trunking to cover the pipes (100X50) is requested – €12.00 per meter.
•If a heater switch is needed on an installed socket – €20.00 each.
– Additional new point with socket and PVC trunking – €35.00 each.
•Installation of rubber/plastic floor base for the outdoor unit if requested – €20.00 each.
•Installation of metal wall bracket for the outdoor unit:
9000-12000BTU -€25.00 each
18000 – 24000BTU – €35.00 each.
•Installation with EAC regulations (switch, Glands for cables) – €50.00 each.
-If armoured cable is needed – €3.00 per meter.
-Presence of technician during EAC inspection – €50.00.
•The company does not take on, drilling holes on solid concrete walls, stone walls or on columns.
•If a forklift/lifting machinery is needed, it will be paid by the customer – €59.50 per hour.

The above prices include VAT. 19%.